While we might be limited in our adventures at the moment because of a certain pandemic, the idea of travelling for fun is actually a fairly recent development in the human timeline.

For centuries, our forebears were preoccupied with simply surviving; travelling around was done on foot, or by horseback, and generally motivated by the need to follow the food supply.

But as we moved on from being hunter gatherers, to a more agrarian society, human beings began to venture further afield primarily in the name of trade.

Seizing the Opportunity

The more entrepreneurial and innovative types quickly realised that they could benefit by providing food and shelter for weary soldiers, merchants and other travellers.

Inns sprang up in towns and along the major routes. Even two thousand years ago, when Christ was born, it was clear that dossing down in a stable was no longer the norm – that’s what inns were for!

By the 12th century, inns were no longer just an overnight stop along the major routes; they had become attractions in their own right. In fact, the oldest inn still hosting guests today opened in 705AD! Nishiyama Onsen Keiunkan is based at the foot of the mountains in Yamanashi Prefecture in Japanb, and has offered a traditional thermal spa experience to guests for well over a thousand years.

Over the past two hundred years our ability to travel has grown exponentially, thanks to railways, automobiles and more recently, the aeroplane.

While all of these were originally the domain of the well-to-do, travel has become much more accessible to the masses with the introduction of the working week, eight hour day, and annual leave entitlements.

Who Needs a Destination?!

And now of course, the mode of travel can also be so luxurious that it can also be the destination! How many of us have been on a cruise, or dreamed of one day holidaying on the Ghan or Indian Pacific here in Australia, the Rocky Mountaineer in Canada, or similar?

For the moment, our travels may be severely curtailed, but we can still enjoy exploring our own cities – check out our article for more great ideas!