If you are a newbie to solo camping, it can seem daunting at first, however there are many benefits to travelling or holidaying alone – and it’s a wonderful way to see this amazing country of ours!

A major bonus is that you can plan your trip according to your own interests without having to take other people into consideration.  Also, many women find it empowering to rely solely on themselves and experience unexpected personal growth.

Whatever your reasons, here are some tips to creating your successful solo adventure.

Planning Your Trip

  • Decide on the duration of your journey.  If it’s your first solo trip, keep the length short and consider doing a weekend trip as a trial run. 
  • Work out what type of trip you want. It could be a relaxing ‘resort’ style holiday where you stay in one place with plenty of down time for reading, swimming and chilling.  Or you may be more adventurous and want to play tourist where you explore different locations in Australia and spend your time sight-seeing and enjoying local attractions.
  • It’s a good idea therefore, to come up with an itinerary of what you want to see.  It can be as rigid or flexible as you like.   However, booking campsites ahead of time is a good idea if you are holidaying during peak seasons such as Christmas, Easter or school holidays.


What sort of budget you have will influence where you stay.  Generally absolute beachfront areas are the most expensive and can be up to $80 per night for a small, unpowered tent site.  Locations further away from the coast are generally cheaper and can be as little as $6 per night in national parks.  However, many caravan parks are located close to water such as a creek or lake or have swimming pools and other attractions so there are plenty of things to do onsite. 

Camping Equipment

What type of camping gear will you need?  At the minimum, you will need a comfy mattress and bedding, tent or swag, table, chair, camp stove, esky or fridge and kitchen pots, pans and utensils. Southern Cross Camping has some great camping gear and can advise you on the most suitable products for your needs.

Social Interaction

How much interaction are you wanting with other travellers?  One of the best ways to meet fellow adventurers is by booking sight-seeing tours.  You can also use camp kitchens or stay somewhere with shared campfires to increase social interaction. 

Safety Considerations

Finally, a word about safety considerations.  It is advisable to stay in populated areas such as caravan parks or national parks rather than in remote locations on your own.  That said, there is a good chance you will come across other female adventurers in your travels – or why not get in touch with a group like Rolling Solo where you’ll discover a heap of women interested in solo camping Australia, just like you!

Since there are plenty of reasons to enjoy solo camping, why not start planning your trip now?