Decorating your own place can be a lot of fun. It’s a chance to indulge in things you love, whether it’s a gorgeous rug, vintage coffee table or incredible piece of art.

While a room chock-ful of our favourite things sounds fabulous, in reality we can often end up with a room full of mismatched objects that just don’t work together. 

This is where decorative styles can really help.  With this in mind, we’ve come up with some popular styles to get your decorating juices flowing.


Perfect for city-dwellers, this is a blend of modern and industrial style.  Neutral and warm tones create a cosmopolitan look that is soothing on the eye and easy to live with. 

To get this look, choose flooring made from natural materials such as timber or concrete, then add restrained pops of colour to liven up the space.  In particular, muted shades of charcoal, mustard yellow or olive green look fantastic when paired with neutral colours of stone or black.

Include a statement piece in each room – such as sophisticated artwork or a full length mirror casually propped up against the wall.

Shabby Chic

Very different to urban style, shabby chic is the epitome of femininity.  If you love soft, gentle colours – pastel pinks, lovely lavenders, beautiful blues,  gorgeous greens, and natural neutrals – this look is for you.

Crystal chandeliers, pastel painted furniture and overstuffed sofas all scream shabby chic style.  Trawling through vintage and second-hand shops can uncover unique treasures at an affordable price, especially if you’re prepared to do some DIY. 

English Country

As fresh as a daisy, this classic style is tolerant and flexible. Botanic prints are quintessential English country staples, as are fabrics such as chintz, gingham, or toile.

To pull off this look, choose soft furnishings from a pleasing jumble of fabrics, then feature delicately patterned wallpaper and pleated or gathered lampshades in bedrooms and living rooms.  Throw in an unexpected hint of the orient – in the form of a rug or vase – to add visual interest.


Hailing from America, Hamptons style is all about elegance and luxury.  White and blue tones marry perfectly with timber to create the look that is light and bright.

If you have the space, seek out generously proportioned furniture to ground the scheme, then opt for a traditional sofa featuring understated stripes and piping on the cushions. To bring in a coastal vibe, create displays of seashells and coral and throw in a jute rug.

Country Comfort

Comfortable country style makes you feel right at home.  Mismatched furniture and vintage wares combine to create this cosy look, so if you love trawling through second-hand stores, this style could be right up your alley. Use natural materials such as timber, brick, and stone to warm up the space, then add bursts of muted colours like navy and burgundy.

Whatever style you choose, following a few simple tips can make your home a much more inviting place!