If you’ve ever treated yourself to a massage or facial, no doubt gentle instrumental music was a part of your relaxation experience.

And who amongst us hasn’t bopped along to our favourite playlist while doing the vacuuming or other housework? No wonder some call music the universal language!

You’ll be even more inspired to make listening to music a major part of your daily life, as you take note of just some of the benefits (excuse the puns!)

The Surprising Benefits of Listening to Music

Exercise – It’s a fact, athletes and exercisers working in time to music, will likely work harder for longer. Music can also improve your motor skills. In one American study, children learning basic motor skills such as throwing or catching a ball while listening to music, did better than those with no music.

Immune boost – Studies show that listening to music you enjoy can enhance your body’s immune response, encouraging the brain to release “feel good” chemicals called endorphins.

Pain Relief – Ever wondered why your local dentist has the radio on in their surgery? Music has the ability to ease pain—people with chronic illness who listened to music for one hour each day, had improved physical and psychological symptoms compared to those deprived of music.

Heart Health – Listening to joyful music has a positive effect on blood vessel function. Conversely, music perceived as stressful causes vessels to constrict, reducing blood flow and cardiovascular health. So maybe give the angst-ridden rap a miss!

Memory Maker – Music has associations in thought and feel. As smells remind us of pleasant or unpleasant experiences (eg lavender may remind you of your grandma’s hugs), so music can impact our memories. That’s why you still remember the music that was playing the first time you kissed …

Stress buster – According to experts, listening to soothing music for at least 30 minutes a day may significantly help in treatment of depression during pregnancy.

And to think, that’s just the benefits of listening to music—there are even more if you are creating or studying music!