There are a ton of things every makeup wearer and lover should know, from how to clean makeup brushes to what foundation is right for your skin; this is essential knowledge in the world of beauty!

But what we often don’t think so much about is how to combine makeup and travel. Whether you’re planning a hike around Thailand or heading to a business convention in Paris, we’ve got the beauty tips and tricks you need.

What to Pack for the Plane

You’re only allowed to take one airport provided bag of liquids onto the plane, so pack your makeup carefully – and remember not to bring anything over 100ml (3.4 ounces)!

You should only bring the essentials you need. For liquid items such as foundation and moisturiser, it’s a great idea to pour out a little of each into smaller pots so you can leave bulky tubes behind.

If you need some inspiration, here’s what we’d consider a great on-board makeup kit:

  • Small pot of foundation
  • Illuminating concealer (for those sleepy eyes)
  • Mascara
  • Blusher/bronzer
  • Highlight (because even when you’ve just stepped off a plane you can still be glowing)

Only take the brushes you’re going to use and, where possible, use one brush for multiple things. As long as you know how to clean makeup brushes afterwards this’ll be fine!

Slim Down Your Collection

Just like with your carry-on kit, only pack the makeup essentials you need in your suitcase. Pick your favourite small eyeshadow palette that can be used for both day and night looks, a natural blush and, wherever possible, take palettes rather than single items. For example, bring a contour kit that contains all your contouring and highlighting shades rather than lots of single pots.

Pick the Mini Options

You can find most makeup items in mini sizes – these will become your saviours when travelling! You’ll be able to pack more options by carrying smaller sizes, which is great if you like to change up your look frequently. You can even opt for sample sizes of products if you’re only going for a short time to ease up the strain on your luggage.

Make it Last

An essential when travelling is getting your makeup to last. You don’t want to be thinking about patchy foundation when you’re exploring a new country! Different climates (particularly hot and humid ones) can also make your makeup wear faster than usual, so be sure you know how to set it.

Three setting essentials you should have are a good primer that reduces oils and minimises pores, a setting powder and setting spray. Never travel without these!

Bold Lip to the Rescue

If you really want to scale back on your makeup when travelling, one essential you should bring is a bold, staple lipstick. Pop this on and you’ll give the illusion that your look required much more effort than it actually did!

At the end of the day, your number one priority when travelling should be to enjoy yourself, so try not to get bogged down in makeup. Take only what you really need and keep things simple – you’ll thank yourself for it!