We’ve all done it – whacked on a bit of lippy without even looking in a mirror.

It’s a risky move, because nobody wants to end up looking like Beppo the Clown, or with lipstick on their teeth!

If you find you’re frequently reapplying your lipstick throughout the day, it’s a sure sign that your lipstick is not lasting.

Make that Lipstick Last

Here are some expert tips to help your lipstick stay put:

1 – Exfoliate your Lips – Brush your lips when your brush your teeth; or apply a sugar scrub to slough away dead skin cells.

2 – A Great Foundation – Make sure you apply your foundation to your lips and not just your face – it will give your lipstick something to adhere to.

3 – Use a Lipliner – Lipliner gives your lips definition and prevents lipstick from bleeding. Your best bet is to use a lipliner in the same colour as, or only slightly darker than your lipstick. In fact, don’t just outline your lips – use your lipliner to colour them as well before applying your lippy.

4 – Use a Long Lasting Lippy – Matte lipsticks tend to be the winners in the longevity stakes, but by all means, try different brands and see what works for you.

5 – Carefully Apply your Lipstick –  You can slick it on straight from the tube, or use a lip brush.

6 – Blot with Tissue and Add Another Coat – Layering your lippy makes it more long lasting than having just one thick coat of colour.

7 – Make Up Setting Spray – Finally, set your makeup (including your lippy) with a make up setting spray.

Once you’re following these 7 steps, you’ll never need to whack on some lippy at your desk or in the car, again!